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Chemical peels are an acid based solutions when applied to the skin, promotes the shedding of the superficial layer of the skin to reveal newer, fresher, less damaged skin beneath.  Skin will be noticeably smoother and clearer after just one treatment.

Chemical peels can be used to successfully treat a number of concerns imcluding acne scars, blemishes, pigmentation, rosacea, rough dry or uneven skin. Dr Candy use only professional grade recognised brands of chemical peels. These are medical grade chemical peels which exfoliate and aggravate only the very most top layer of the skin leaving behind a more radiant, rejuvenated complexion, noticeably impacting early signs of ageing after just one application. In as little as 1-3 treatments, we can achieve incredible results for many skin types and would recommend this be maintained with regular sessions every few months to continually maintain your brighter, more youthful glow. The frequency of your maintenance plan will be dependent on the concern, skin type, and any other treatments you may be undergoing. Deeper chemical peels such as TCA peels are also used and will require a full medical consultation due to the nature of the peel.

Please Note: There are many types of chemical peels available, and it is important that these are administered by a professional dermatologist or a doctor as if they are not correctly handled, applied or neutralised, they can cause serious side effects including burns and scarring.

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 " I have been using Rome for a while now and I cannot express how much trust I have in a practitioner, always the results I am looking for.  She takes her time, she listens, she has medical knowledge beyond words and is simply the best.  Worth the travel everytime"


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